Safari On My Mind: 9/13-26/2013

by Mark Alberhasky, January 30, 2013





It’s not often that I look ahead on my calendar more than half a year in advance. I doubt many of us do. But when you’re thinking about going on safari in Africa, it’s never too early to plant seeds and start watering. Responding to a recent inquiry about my Kenya trip this fall, I found myself swept up in the memories as my enthusiasm bristled.

It’s a bit of a cliché in travel circles, “See it now before it goes away!”, but the truth is that each time I visit, the guides lament on the diminishing numbers of cheetahs. Lions, typically present in robust numbers are also declining, and the irrational demand for ivory in the far east sees elephant numbers seriously dwindling. These animals are among the icons of African wildlife, yet man’s short sighted behavior is encroaching upon the preserves set aside to prevent this very outcome.

Most of you reading this blog are photographers and have a heightened awareness for the beauty of nature. But to anyone who has ever watched the Discovery channel or a National Geographic special on the wildlife of Africa and felt spellbound by the experience, it absolutely pales in comparison to being there in person. Standing up through the roof of a safari vehicle, driving briskly out of camp just before dawn is magical. Finding elephants grazing on a ridge line as the giant orb of the rising sun paints them as silhouettes will leave you speechless. Every morning feels like the dawn of time, which is not a stretch of the imagination as early man experienced it here too.

It’s simply one of the greatest adventures you will ever take. For me personally, the joy of sharing this exotic offering with the first time participant is what keeps me going back. I take great pride in helping you plan your trip, down to the smallest detail, so that what might seem like travel beyond your comfort zone becomes a cherished memory for the rest of your life. And don’t forget the photographs… I will put you in settings where you can’t help but make world class images with continual technical and creative advice as we shoot shoulder to shoulder, game drive after game drive.

To ensure the optimal experience I limit my group to only eight participants. You’ll have generous room in uncrowded safari vehicles driven by master guides. We’ll stay in wonderful camps with European trained chefs. Your tent steward will wake you each morning with beverage and biscuits, and turn down your bed at night. Private showers in your tents, halogen reading lights, granite counters… it is Africa but it is not rustic.

Even if you’ve never seriously considered safari, I urge you to do so. It will make you not only a better photographer, but a better person. You will experience a culture and country that will open your mind and touch your heart. It’s not unusual to look to a companion in your vehicle and see tears in their eyes, overwhelmed by the awesome presence of nature. Make this the year you commit to experiencing Africa. I’d love to answer any questions you might have. It’s not too early to start planning today.

Download a pdf brochure here for the itinerary and extensive description.